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Search Engine Optimization

Question by Guadalupe: How does search engine optimization work?
What is a simple definition I can use to explain the basic process of search engine optimization?

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Answer by Amos
Hey Guadalup…,

Basically, SEO is a process of how sites qualify and are ranked on result pages. You can find out more on

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by tm-md

Question by KMJ: How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site?
How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site (where the actual product is sold)?
When I look at samples, most of the times there is no link to the target site.
Will the URL be only in the “bio” section of the author?

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Answer by Eric
Right – most article directories only allow links in the author’s resource box. If you’re just looking for the SEO benefit of the backlink just about anything in the resource box will do but if you’re looking for good click through rate with human visitors I’ve found that splitting the article into two parts with part one on the article site and part two on your site works well. Tips articles are good for this – put half your tips in the article then your resource box would link back to your site with something like “for 5 more tips on [keyword link] check out [url link]”.

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Some cool search engine optimization images:

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization
search engine optimization
Image by Hobo!
Is it Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Optimization?

Google tells us what it prefers….

What really is Search Engine Optimization?
search engine optimization
Image by Go Local Search
Search engines are smart, but they still need help. It’s that simple.

The Internet is a bottomless well of content. Between blogs, ecommerce sites, news sites, social networks, images, videos and on and on, it can be difficult for a search engine to find a business website when a consumer is ready to make a purchase. This is where a well-optimized website comes into play.

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Question by FChdeM: Can somebody recommend an affordable SEO firm for a starting up website?
I am starting a small business website and I need basic SEO.
I am planning to invest in further SEO efforts once the revenue justifies it but now I am only in need of the basic SEO. Thanks.

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Answer by Halo Smyth

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A few nice SEO images I found:

SEO Expert … Grammarians Shop of Horrors (1 of 2)
Image by Jeff McNeill
Mark up the boo boos in this bit of turgid SEO "evangelism"

SEO Expert … Grammarians Shop of Horrors (2 of 2)
Image by Jeff McNeill
Mark up the boo boos in this bit of turgid SEO "evangelism"

optimizare SEO
Image by optimizare-seo
Optimizare site Optimizare SEO

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Urbana, IA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

The first quarter has been a busy one at Clickstop as the e-commerce company has added new employees under both the Clickstop company brand and within the US Cargo Control division. A promotion has also filled a VP position.

Nikki Dudley, Clickstop Wellness Coordinator, has been named VP Operations, Bing Miller Brands. In her new role, Dudley leads a team focused on growing several brands including (reflective insulation), (belly button rings), (plastic storage boxes),, and

The Clickstop accounting department welcomed Kala Liebe to its team in the newly created position of Payroll and Benefits Specialist. Liebe is responsible for payroll, benefits, and miscellaneous accounting functions. She was most recently in payroll and accounts payable for Energy Data Resources.

Ben Dudley has joined Clickstop as IT Manger. Dudley oversees the development and maintenance of the IT strategic plan and software development. He was most recently with URrelay, Inc. in Cedar Rapids.

The US Cargo Control division of Clickstop has added to its staff as well. Lisa Finn has joined the company as a Purchasing Specialist, working with VP Purchasing & Logistics, Ben Rechkemmer. Finn comes to Clickstop after working as a Purchasing Manager at a Cedar Rapids company.

Joe Rauch has joined the staff as a Sales Specialist. Rauch assists customers with product selection, product research, quotes, and other sales functions. He was most recently employed with West Side Transport in Cedar Rapids.

Ethan Miles, Matt Bolden and Daniel Garloff have joined the US Cargo Control Warehouse and Fulfillment team as part-time employees. Miles brings his experience with FedEx to his new role which includes preparing and shipping ground and expedited orders. Bolden and Garloff are working in the manufacturing area at the companys Blue Creek Drive location. Bolden was most recently with the US Army; Garloff was previously a crew trainer with McDonalds.


About Clickstop

Clickstop is the parent company of a suite of eleven online retail stores based in Urbana, Iowa. Focused on offering relevant products, timely delivery, and excellent customer service, Clickstops websites utilize search engine optimization to attract a diverse range of markets, including the moving and cargo control industry, energy efficient insulation products, home organizing solutions, and fashion jewelry. To learn more, visit