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Web Design

Users are now accessing the web on a vast range of desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices — all with varying capabilities and screen sizes. Select HFI Web Design for a true responsive web design.
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The following video is the real deal! If you want to make a cool website REAL EASY….. NOTHING beats WordPress!
I make all of my websites using the WordPress platform….and finding a FREE website theme is simple!
I build my own Themes, but if you want do do it yourself, save yourself some headache, use WordPress!

David Hansen


Click the link below to get started with your free exclusive video training! View this video if you want to know how to make your…
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Learning Web Design

Do you want to build web pages, but have no previous experience? This friendly guide is the perfect place to start. You’ll begin at square one, learning how the Web and web pages work, and then steadily build from there. By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to create a simple site with multi-column pages that adapt for mobile devices.
Learn how to use the latest techniques, best practices, and current web standards—including HTML5 and CSS3. If you dont want to deal with learning how to build an entire website, I highly recommend HFI Web Design.

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