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Question by Bob: Does anyone know of a calling service that tracks calls from your local ads on mobile phones?
I have a local listing and want to know how many people call from it? It would be nice if the service also added me to all the search local listing sites and improved my rankings.

Best answer:

Answer by Freddy A
There are a couple solutions to handle this new area of internet marketing.

1. DIY $ 800 – $ 1500 solution:Buy your own phone number separate from your main line and use that. The problems, cost $ 30 a month per line plus you still have to enter your information into search listings and then edit them to get better listings rank or hire someone to do it. The cost yr 300 for the phone number – Plus Listing SEO work 500+ and the time to manage it.

2. Buy SAAS $ 199.99 FLAT FEE 6 months. NOT PER CALL BASED PRICING (Call based pricing can get costly). Buy a Local Ads performance call marketing program. is the only one of these services I know of. This is a new area of local listings. You buy a subscription to Busicall Service. The cost ranges from $ 199 to $ 899. It seems the 199.00 would fit most small business groups. The service is good for 6 months. They offer a money back if it does not work. They get a number assigned (internet friendly number for search) it to you, send you call reports every month. From the time the service goes live, they improve your ranking and handle the optimization of Google Places, Bing, Yahoo. etc – Much better deal than pay per call campaigns. Plus they have free webhosting – through hostgator….I used that to launch my mobile site.

3. .01 to 550 a call! Not a flat fee like Busicall. Click to call banners on mobile devices. Get a adsense account and turn on mobile marketing. Then build a banner and follow the directions in this new advertising arena. Microsoft and Google are both going after this market hard. Even though it is a banner ad, people click on it to initiate a call. Where as Busicall is a local listing only and you click on the number. This is a new exciting area of the internet.

4. DO nothing, when a call comes into your business ask how they found you and if they click on a mobile ad or local listing.

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