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Search Engine Optimization

Establishing the best key words or key-phrases for your business website is at the top of the list for any SEO (search engine optimization) company looking to establish a high natural search engine ranking. The chosen “keywords” will be the main focus for a good part of your SEO campaign so you need to carefully pick ones that your potential customers will use when searching for your products or services. Google has a nice free keyword tool that will also show the history of how many searches were utilized for your chosen keywords thus allowing you to choose the most popular key word phrases.

Let’s use HFI Web Design as an example for coming up with good key words. A high traffic keyword for this website is “web design” or maybe “website design”, but the competition is too high so we need to narrow it down to “Web Design Jacksonville Fl”. In addition to simple web page design, HFI Web Design is also an SEO company in Jacksonville Florida; another possible key phrase would be “search engine optimization Jacksonville Fl.” Even though HFI Web Design can assist any company throughout the USA, its best to narrow the search results down to achieve better page rankings and include your targeted area. Besides, if you’re attracting local customers that’s great, many people prior to engaging in a business agreement prefer to meet and sit down over a cup of coffee. Always remember, when the key phrases are extremely competitive, it’s best to narrow it down as much as possible and also include your local service area.

Having external links pointing back to your website is also a good SEO practice, but only if the links are from a high quality source and not a SEO company selling a thousand back links for $20 bucks.  One quality back link will do more than 200 from spam sites. Social media is a great way for back linking to your website such as Facebook or Twitter. Google uses its own social network Google+ for determining rankings.

The most valuable item in any website is of course the content. Without good content that gives visitors exactly what they are looking for within just a few minutes, with a quick click of their mouse, you have lost them forever! Even if HFI Web Design creates the best search engine optimization in Jacksonville Fl for your website, without good content it’s a futile effort.

All of the information on this page is barely scratching the surface of what is required to get your business at the top of the search engines. Imagine a steady flow of new customers arriving to your website and calling you, could you handle this extra business? You need to CONTACT US and let HFI Web Design become your only business internet marketing company.