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by tm-md

Question by KMJ: How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site?
How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site (where the actual product is sold)?
When I look at samples, most of the times there is no link to the target site.
Will the URL be only in the “bio” section of the author?

Best answer:

Answer by Eric
Right – most article directories only allow links in the author’s resource box. If you’re just looking for the SEO benefit of the backlink just about anything in the resource box will do but if you’re looking for good click through rate with human visitors I’ve found that splitting the article into two parts with part one on the article site and part two on your site works well. Tips articles are good for this – put half your tips in the article then your resource box would link back to your site with something like “for 5 more tips on [keyword link] check out [url link]”.

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2 Responses to How are SEO articles usually linked back to the target site?

  • When you post an article on some website, you can post that link where you get this article, in this way you can get SEO article linked back to the target site.

  • Hi KMJ,

    The sequence is as such:

    1) an article in the article directory is to draw traffic to the web page that affiliate is promoting. It can be a review page of the product.

    2) Then from there, the visitor will go to the product sales page. This is where the visitor will choose to buy or not.


    3) Get the visitor to the squeeze page, where the visitor will opt in with their name and email. This way, you are able to email them using autoresponder sequence emails to recommend or promote products.

    If you tell me which way I prefer, it’s the later. But I will use both ways to promote, so I will get the max exposure of traffic.

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