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I am not one to buy things to find out they don’t work as promised and simply live with it.

Voo Player does have cool features no doubt!

  1. Use your own watermark
  2. Hide controls
  3. Host your own video
  4. Tracking for video
  5. Split tests
  6. Etc

BUT, the big thing I was looking for was the ability to use this WordPress plugin for video view for a responsive website design. Meaning if someone wanted to view the video on their Iphone or Ipad, NO problem.

WELL, soon as I installed this plugin I found it really runs on the developers server which is something I really don’t like at all!! If something goes wrong with their server my videos don’t work! I also tried to play the videos I installed on my website with my Iphone and Ipad, which didnt work at all!

I contacted Voo Player’s support, they told me that this is something they are working on and it should be fixed in the next plugin update!

  1. I purchased the plugin 8/20/2013
  2. I contacted support on 8/23/2013 telling them their plugin does not work.
  3. On 8/23/2013 Igor K. responded back to my support request asking for me to be patient, and they will have this issue fixed soon.
  4. On 9/18/2013 I contacted support telling them I MUST have responsive video for my business websites. Their plugin does not work from the time of my purchase.
  5. On 9/19/2013 Igor K. responded back to me indicating that they have priorities they must tend to and that my Iphone/Ipad issue will be fixed in their next release.
  6. On 9/20/2013 I contacted Voo Player’s support indicating that I want a refund of my money paid for this video plugin. This plugin is a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked. I guess we shall see how this goes as well.

I am discouraged that people sell products that they know do not work. In addition, commence to tell you about their business priorities.



David Hansen

Below is a copy of the Email received from Voo Player

From: VOOplayer Support []
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2013 3:41 AM
To: David Hansen
Subject: Re: Other

Hello David,
Thank you for contacting us and I’ll be glad to help you.
We are working on several upgrades, we have priorities, we will work on iPad/iPhone issue and fix will be released, thank you for your patience.
If you have more questions or you need help, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.
Best regards.

Your Business Friend,

Igor K.





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