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This video is good…
This guy is the real deal.

HFI Web Design – In this video I talk about what it takes to become a web designer. I believe you must be passionate, practice each and every night a…

23 Responses to Becoming a Web Designer takes Passion, Practice & Patience

  • What makes your a great person is your honesty.

  • Getting your FIRST job in web design is a bitch. I decided a while back that I wanted to change careers (I currently do networking but hate it). I went to school, got a mac and Adobe PS, in design, and illustrator.

    Im glad the Veterans Administration paid for it because it was a waste of money. I still am working in the Data Center doing a job I hate. All the people looking to change careers, be forwarned, its tough. Chances are not good for breaking into this field. oh, love the vids!

  • Great Advice. I am really enjoying this channel.

  • @jerak984 if I want a hose ill buy one at Home Depot?

  • In the web developer business there are two different kind of builders. You have front end and back end. Front end web development is based on things like html, php, javascript, jquery, css, flash and more. While back end is about Java, C#, C++ (or similar languanges), and lots of data management with mysql, oracle or other database languages. The art part it self is just a very small part of what a web developer do. You can’t build a secure website without knowing all these languages.

  • Mostly it’s about design principles, not so much creativity. If you’re a carpenter and want to build a hose for someone, it’s likely they want you to make a stereo typical home. Building a website is much like building a home. All sites are unique, but only a few of those breaking general principle designs actually works out well.

  • When you design your webpages do you also edit photos in photoshop, flash programing, and animation videos too? How do you charge for those?

  • Your like me, I was self taught years ago in html. I am doing atm CSS and in and out of school for Graphic Designing. However I have a few issues 1 do you really have to be really high tech to run a good web business? I know there’s two types of web designing, one is IT with like pearl, linux,etc and other one is Web Graphic Designers.
    And atm with knowing just CSS and HTML is it good idea to start a small web business, even if it’s volunteering?

  • how much do v get paid???

  • Very well said…I also started web design on my own. It has been 4 years..I am still learning, applying, evaluating, criticizing… etc.. You have to be passionate to evolve as a web designer. Best wishes to all the web designers… :-)

  • when ever i need some motivation i always come to you’re videos lol…thanks alot man.

  • Hi Mike, are u a graphic artist? :)


  • Great video. I am studying my Diploma of Web Development and now that I am into having to learn the mark-up language and make (some seriously ugly) websites it’s been hard to hit the books everyday because I was a bit overwhelmed at how much there is to know. Especially since a lot of the stuff you learn initially is now deprecated and outdated. It can be frustrating. This video made me feel a bit better about it not having to learn it all in a month so thanks!

  • @CJFRANKS7 to be honest anything takes a years or two to get good. If you have passion you’ll learn quick, and you won’t look at it like I’ll be good in a year, you’ll be saying I’m getting better now.

  • id just like to say that any startup designer should visit “tuts+” and all there sub sites. :) your vids r great

  • I wanted to get into web design because i liked the idea and wanted a job to help pay for college… but if it will take a few years to get good…idk… hmmmm

  • PracticePracticePracticePracticePractice yeah!

  • Thanks for the video. It helps me to get started being a webmaster. You really are very helpful.

  • I have a question that I hope you don’t mind answering. I am setting up a website for my friend’s nonprofit org in Dreamweaver. Is there a way that I can make it to where it’s hosted off of her computer instead of mine (she doesn’t have Dreamweaver software)? Also, what happens if the computer that it’s hosted off of crashes? I’m worried that they’ll loose the whole site. This is my first time working on a site like this and I’m clueless on making the transition. Any tips? Thanks much!

  • I’ve been looking all over the web for this type of video content – Really Appreciate It!

  • That’s my problem too i wish i had a creative designer mind

  • back when i was a beginner, i learned html,css,javascript, and actionscript in 3 days

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