No website hits?

Is your business website like 

that needle in the haystack?

Your website MUSTmake an appearance when keywords for your products & services are typed into a Search Engine, or you don't exist !

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For The Full Step By Step Tutorial visit: Now you can make your own website in a matter of minutes using the power of W…

19 Responses to How To Make A Website in Under 15 mins – Step By Step

  • good step by step instruction, keep them comin! thx

  • cand i create a website 100% free??

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  • I have been using namecheap for registering my domains. At this time to my knowledge Hostgator are charging $12.95 and namecheap are charging $10. Now I know you are going to think “Hey that’s only $2.95 difference”but is really starts to add up when you need to register 30 or even 50 domain names.

    Great video by the way. I remember a time when I used to build static websites in dreamweaver with HTML and CSS. I just love WordPress. Makes life so much easier.

  • Guys, get the best webhosting does not need to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for hosting company known as Hostgator (search on google). Seriously, in fact you can also use this unique coupon (HGCOM25OFF) when you register to get 25% off their hosting plan.

  • Does anyone know a free domain that I can use for constructing a website? I would prefer the process to be COMPLETELY free.

  • Thumbs up if you are 13 and under and watching this…

  • Thanks for your comments, and good luck with your website, let me know if I can help in any way.

  • The tutorial is to show you how to build a website for free, instead of paying a web designer $500+ You will still need to buy a domain and setup hosting, sorry I should have made that clearer. I will be updating this video soon.

  • OK, so… I had been thinking about setting up a website for months (if not years). I watched your video, followed all of the steps (let us highlight I have no IT/computing background at all) and sooner than I expected my website is up without spending an arm and a leg. Now I will be working on design, posts, and all that. But for whatever it’s worth, here a biiiiiiiiggggggg THANK YOU for your help and guidance.

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  • Hey, you said it was free!

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  • realy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my experience was/is nothing like this :( i think i just wasted $180

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