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Your website MUSTmake an appearance when keywords for your products & services are typed into a Search Engine, or you don't exist !

HFI Web Design of Jacksonville Fl will help potential customers find you Read more.. – In this video I discuss “My Top 5 Favorite Web UI Design Trends for 2013” that we should all be thinking about incorporating into ou…
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13 Responses to My Top 5 Favorite Web UI Design Trends for 2013

  • Hello Mike! Its a lovely informative video tip from you across various sectors of UI design concepts. I am really impressed and looking forward to see many more in future. Good luck !

  • Following trends because they are trends is pretty much the definition of bad design.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for your amazing videos, your tips definitely helped me land my job. And considering this is your FREE stuff, I can’t wait to get into your paid content! Keep up the good work!

  • Man, I love these videos, you’re a super cool dude. And great energy, I find myself in a very positive and uplifted mood after seeing your videos.

  • Very helpful indeed. I don`t much agree with hint #2. I`d rather split content into various pages according to their theme.

  • I’m Agree about the Blog but that presume a continue update of news. Not all have the time or want pay for that :-)!

  • You could desing a sigle-page land page that have all the information about the website(like about, services,team,products,contact,etc) and the put a link to the blog in the main navigation, the blog will be as useful to you for SEO as the landpage itself.

  • Google doesn’t care too much about the overrall layout desing but more about the content that it have , if you have quality content in your single page website that describe what exactly is the criteria of the page then it can realy influence positively how google is going to rank it , also i would suggest to put a blog for the website since a blog that update quality content about the website affect dramaticly how google index it.

  • Mike ..You are just awesome…The advice that you give is precious than gold for starters just like us..I had so many doubts about web designing.Most of them got cleared after watching ur videos.Thanks very much.I am a self learned web designer but I must say you are one of my online mentors.God bless you n plz keep up this awesome work.Plz reply to this comment if u get some time as I am a big fan of yours.Hope u understood my handicapped english.

  • im a good webdesigner my commercials are on LA’s main station power 106 .im always looking for more customers

  • Great stuff Mike! Applying these concepts to a redesign of my current website. Thanks!

  • Tnx for the answer. About Seo effect there aren’t problem when the website have one argument, but if i talk about more things i can’t have many title page and metatags for any argument. So this type of design is good when u talk about one argument only.

  • Good point Ugo, I’m not so sure if one-page design has a negative effect on your SEO. But I’ll look into that. I just look at it from the benefit of both the designer and user. A one page design can really simplify things for the user, also it simplifies things for the designer. Just having to focus on one page, you can really tighten things up.

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