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24 Responses to Photoshop Website Design – Header

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  • Why very fast ?,?

  • Nice video, very interesting.

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  • I can’t delete the layers in CS6 extended.My layer 3 doesn’t look like yours.. Layer 1-bk gd, 2- left pic, 3-right pic, 4- shadow box(or whatever u call it)

  • Interesting way with using of ” Match Color”. It is somethings new for me. Thanks for the sharing this video.

  • yes i know but after thanks to i re-pit and learn more ideas..

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  • yes i know but is there a site that give me work?

  • you can work as a freelance web designer. This is what i do

  • how to make money online using web designing?

  • this has been a great tutorial , i loved it web site designing need serious knowledge of photoshop and you are making work of budding designers easy . Thanks for the post

  • Great tutorial on designing and applied hosting account and $100 google Adwords advertising amount for just $0.01.

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  • sorry i didn’t complete the serious but can i make php website using ur way in photoshop and of coarse the dreamweaver ??? if yes i will watch the rest :))

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  • Check out the right side of your screen. There’s a video called “Photoshop Website Design – Nav Bar”
    Or paste this into your address bar: watch?v=otk9Lgvbykg&feature=fvwrel

  • I can’t find the next part, so I guess I can’t watch it. :/

  • Thnx Man!

  • dude I really love you I have been watching your tutorials since last few months and that actually helped me make money online

    I would really like to thank you for your awesome work. keep doing this man !!

  • Thanks for your attempt to explain this to the people. It a great help! Thanks for this one and your video as a whole. I just loved it.

  • You have a typing fail on the first website pixelfolife

  • Man, the whole time watchin this had me with mouth open. I ENVY YOU, dude. The tutorial was absolutely great. Except that I had hard time followin the instruction. But don’t worry, I’m gonna watch it over and over till I get it. Do you know any good site I could go to learn more on Photoshop? Thanks. I’ve been wantin to design my web, boredination (com), but still now, which has been about a year, I haven’t put time to learn how to. Thanks a million. I’m gonna practice this for about 3x.

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