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It is no longer safe to assume that visitors to your website are sitting in front of a large monitor equipped with a keyboard and mouse. As smartphones overt…
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12 Responses to Responsive Web Design Bootcamp

  • As a computer tech of over 10 years I don’t agree that the desktop environment is going away (or smart devices are going to dominate) nor do many in my field. Consuming data is about all smart devices can accomplish and all they are good for, and are poor at generating content. Who is honestly going to sit down with a small screen while editing a movie, rendering a game, writing stories, building web sites, doing database admin etc. with smart phones and other glorified Etch-A-Sketch’s?

  • So is content management just basically keeping your java css amd html in seperate pages?

  • Jesus christ so many words i need to look up in this video

  • Thanks for this video on Responsive Web Design! I found it very helpful. I created a research board on with some top tutorials on “Responsive Design and Best Structure for an HTML5 layout page”. Hope other developers can find it useful too. :)

  • Tx for great introducing to rwd. Nice cover of theme.

  • Thank you for the video on RWD. I have been reading and buying books on the subject,without having mch success. I must say your approach to the design very simple to understand. Many of the books i bought made it seem very difficult, you made it very easy to understand. I use JQM with my development and your approach by starting with the mobile as the first device to be addressed and going up from there makes sense,.

    Like another person stated, please make a Boot Camp 2.

  • 19:20

  • Thank you Jonathan! As someone jumping into web design from graphic design I appreciate how you break it down. I would like to know what you have learned since this video. Possibly a Bootcamp part2? Also, please capture better quality audio if possible for the youtube portion if possible.

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  • Great information. You addressed many points I am ‘trying’ to get implemented at my job. Well explained.

  • Thank you . It was good to see you guys step in and guideline some of this workglow

  • Native APP’s will reign for the next 3 years (2015) as we battle on with the MobileOS Wars, i.e. Wireless Device Wars. Bigger battles will be waged on the Mobile ‘browser’ experience (ships have already set sail.) “Device Specific” “WebApps” will introduce a plethora of “APPlied Ideas”. Custom “Mobile Computing” devices will be manufacturered. APP Developers will be rockstars. Crazy use cases will flood the global marketsphere, PRODUCING ‘The Renaissance’ that we missed out on in the 90’s.

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