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Some good information about Responsive Web Design.
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16 Responses to Responsive Website Design Tutorial: Using Media Queries

  • What are all of these “@media screen” and whatnot?
    I never learned about those whilst learning CSS, is that something for CSS3 or is it a part of another language? Sorry for the dumb questions.
    Also, is there any particular benefit in calling an HTML document .php ?
    Amazing tutorial! I understood everything thanks to you breaking it down to basics so much, just never knew about those kinds of functions!

  • I don’t usually post comments. But I’d like to thank you for this great video that helped me through my midterm project. Thank You so much. You made everything easier, clearer and much more understandable than my professor did.I can finally sleep today. :)

  • Cool video! Idea for vid: Do a vid all about div’s how to get clean columns etc. That’s something I had a problem with when first starting…I would get all weirded out with the percentages, nothin
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  • Great video. This helps me as i am stepping into the world of RWD.

  • Thank you so much

  • Wow, I never knew CSS3 could be used to do that! I definitely favorited this!

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  • Very Precise indeed. Loved it and could you please kindly create a tutorial on how to create a bootstrap like responsive navigation using jquery and css3? Cheers!

  • Liked, faved and bookmarked!

  • Wow been looking for a video that explained all this for about 2 days now, tanx for the vid!
    Just wondering, what will happen to my navbar when its viewed on a mobile device? Do i have to make any changes in there? The navbar is a horizontal bar but for a mobile device it would be better maybe to have the buttons in a vertical way oppose to the horizontal desktop orientation.

  • Fab video, making my portfolio website and want it to be responsive and this really helped me understand it! Thanks v.much :-)

  • Simply awesome tutorial!

  • This is just what I need. Easy to understand. Thanks!

  • Hey Men, Just wanna say thank you for this vid! It’s awesome knowing this sort of coding as many clients will want projects that can fit on multiple device. I have always relied on tutorial to learn coding and web design and coming this far that now I’m interested in not just building plain old html but adapting to new technology on the web too. Thank you!

  • thank you very very

  • Thanks you for this video, great tutorial.
    Its really helpful.

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