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Hide your wife, hide your kids, we’ve got a Design Battle on our hands! Last week you saw Jose build on Aure’s wireframes for the ThisWeekIn Web Design redesign, today the two designers battle live on the internet! That’s right, Jose and show favorite Aure Gimon will simultaneously riff on design concepts, competing and collaborating to see which is the wildest web design gunslinger of the west. And of course, by watching live you’ll pick up some great tips and techniques from two of the best designers going on the internet today. 00:00 Open 00:30 Web Design Battle introduction 01:35 Robert Haydock, our first member of the Producer Program joins us on set 02:02 Blank Spaces and the joys of co-working spaces 02:45 Why did you join the Producer Program? 03:20 How was the pace of the Groop Skool event? 03:45 Jose reads the Groop Skool reviews on air for the first time. 06:30 The treu benefits of the Producer Program: watch the show as preparation and then go to Groop Skool for the real world practice 08:00 Prepping for the Web Design battle with Aure Gimon. 09:15 Talking with Aure about designing with a creative brief in mind 10:30 Talking about competitors and media partnerships 11:20 Setting up two different perspectives for approaching the design process 12:20 Avoiding too many restrictions in the design phase 13:05 Robert talks about meeting Eric Ries of The Lean Startup 16:30 Jose talks about benefits and learning curve of applying lean development to web design 18:30

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