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This weeks episode is brought to you by Full Sail University. Offering immersive, fast-paced degree programs both on-campus and online designed for the n…
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15 Responses to – Web Design – The Basics of HTML

  • It is like that every where bro. I go to Devry for multimedia and design, everythign was fine until they said no more financial aid, I owe about the same 9k, I like the school but wish they would tell me they way it is from the beginning. Don’t worry that happen to everyone.
    God Bless.

  • It’s not an actual school.

  • Get hosting account for just 1 cent at hostgator using coupon “1centaprlmay2013”.

  • Get hosting account for just 1 cent at hostgator using coupon “1centaprlmay2013”.

  • Soliloquy WTF?!? Bad phone bad

  • I’m trying to learn this stuff but its soliloquy confusing D:

  • First 20 people FREE to my new HTML5/CSS3 class:
    udemy (dot) com/html5-css3-responsive/?couponCode=FIRSTTW3NTY

  • hola si fuese todo en español o su traduccion seria increible saludos

  • I don’t think that is whack though. I learned CSS, InDesign, Drupal, Cinema4d, Joomla, all these at a better level. I really learned properly what they taught and am a lot better than I was before. give them a shot.

  • Dope video and content. Very comfortable with going from this to testing the waters. I’m a subscribed user w/ TeamTreeHouse and this video went way quicker than their vids but kept it in laymen’s terms. Can’t wait to start first demo site!!

  • tutsplusdotcom is better than lyndadotcom and cheaper, video2braindotcom is nice too and cheaper than lyndadotcom bottomline, lyndadotcom is whack. I wanted to go to full sail, but they played me on tution, and five days before class, they told me I owed them 9,000$ that they over looked. So, now I go to a different school, lmao, I still think its a good school though.

  • Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it very much especially that pretty lady.

  • Dang! Missed it again sorry guys. I have been so busy

  • Wanted to add… Other great resources for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. are HTML Goodies and I went through James Williamson’s course “Web Design Fundamentals” on and I’m currently working through his “Up and Running with HTML” and “CSS: Core Concepts” courses. James is an excellent teacher and speaker. Anywho…

  • Enjoyed the show Jose. I lean more toward the web development side than design although I’m a full-time print designer. I’ve been out of the HTML loop for a little while and saw some new tags I’ve never seen before. I will certainly check out the resources that Mark shared. Always enjoy hearing Aure’s insights and am looking forward to his show whenever that happens.

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