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Is your business website like 

that needle in the haystack?

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A few nice website design images I found: Website Design
website design
Image by s.yume
Will it happen? Probably not… but just in case it does I purchased the domain. I needed another design to add to my portfolio anyways, and I quite like it. Took about 5 hours at both the Boston and Denver airports while waiting to finally get going (:P) using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Designed the logo with inspiration from a Canon Camera, and stock photography provided by… me, using this image:

Maybe my photos would be more popular if I edited them just like the photo in the design? I quite like how it turned out once I made it black and white and changed all of the red lights to be blue :) Very dream-like 😉 *bad pun*

Website Design
website design
Image by Livebrush

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